Workshop 2021

30 November 2021 - 10:00 - 13:00 CET

The event

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged our industry in many different ways. It has triggered a number of important EASA developments, activities and best practices in the certification and design domains. This workshop combines the former STC and DOA workshops to offer you an important update on a wide range of topics, covering EPAS & Rulemaking, International activities, DOA developments, STC & product certification, remote test witnessing and remote auditing and other technical matters.


Technical presentations

The European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS)

Michael Gerhard, Section Manager - Safety Programmes, EASA

Overview on the European Plan for Aviation Safety, including outlook to the 2022 edition, with particular focus on actions related to certification and DOA; Update on the review of the EASA rulemaking process

DOA update

Julian Hall, Head of Department - Design Organisations & ETSO, EASA

Overview of the current situation and trends regarding DOAs and ADOAs, EASA Organisation changes and future challenges

EASA Experience regarding the systematic risk based EASA Level of Involvement (LOI)
EASA Experience regarding the introduction of certain major repair, major change, STC privileges

• Ralf Bader, Chief PCM - EU Products, EASA (Bader)
• Robert Boersma, Senior DOA Team Leader for LOI/SMS, EASA (Boersma)

Overview on the new LOI concept and an outlook on the first experience gained with the new privileges.

Experience with remote test witnessing and remote auditing

• Michele Ambrosio, PCM - Large Aeroplanes, EASA
• Claudio Caruso, DOA Team Leader, EASA

General overview on remote witnessing activities and on the internal remote auditing policy introduced in the DOA department since September 2020

Update on International developments

• Charles Leboeuf, Chief PCM - Validation Process, EASA (Leboeuf)
• Gregory Lievre, Section Manager - Certification Director's Office, EASA (Lievre)

Overview of the most relevant international developments in the aircraft certification field (Lievre) General overview of the Technical Implementation Procedures (TIP) between the UK CAA and EASA following BREXIT: implementation and impact on industry (Leboeuf)

Innovation at EASA

Dominique Roland, Head of Department - Policy, Innovation & Knowledge, EASA

Overview on how EASA adapts to innovation challenges: impact on certifications processes and on stakeholders, for the years to come

Environmental Protection

Illimar Bilas, Section Manager - Environment & Sustainability, EASA

Environmental protection requirements for product certification, smart environmental standards and activities under the ‘balanced approach’ regulation.

Modifications and Alterations Affecting Composite Parts and/or Structures

Simon Waite, Senior Expert Materials, EASA

Brief update on developing regulator: industry guidance to support safe alterations to composite aviation applications.

Task Force SW&AEH “Abstraction Layer”

Anne Senechal, Senior Expert Airborne Electronic HW & Project Certification Manager, EASA

Abstraction Layer concept: Development of criteria to assess other alternative standards or methodologies addressing development assurance for Software and for Airborne Electronic Hardware

CM-S-013 on Large Antenna Installations

Wolfgang Hoffmann, Structures Expert, EASA

Guidance on the various installation of antennas mounted on top of the pressurised fuselage of large aeroplanes


Natale Di Rubbo, Project Manager - Drones, EASA

Overview of the UAS regulation: demonstration of compliance of the drone design and future plans


30 November

10:00 – 10:15

Part 1 : Opening

Welcome and introduction

J. Franklin, M. Görnemann
R. Daeschler

10:15 – 11:15

Part 2 : Rulemaking and EPAS

Q&A on pre-recorded Rulemaking/EPAS topics, Additional presentation to explain the latest regulatory changes affecting EU Regulation 748/2012 (Part 21)

J. Franklin, M. Görnemann together with EASA experts
R. Priego

11:15 – 11:30


11:30 – 12:00

Part 3 : DOA and International

Q&A on pre-recorded DOA related matters and International topics

J. Franklin, M. Görnemann together with EASA experts

12:00 – 12:30

Part 4 : Military

EASA Type Certification of products for Dual Military/State & Civil Operations - State of play

A. Leroy

12:30 – 13:00

Part 5 : Technical Topics

Q&A on various pre-recorded technical topics

J. Franklin, M. Görnemann together with EASA experts